1. The Who               Long live rock
  2. The Who              Join together
  3. The Who              Baba O'Reiley
  4. The Who              Who are you
  5. The Who              Wont get fooled again
  6. Led Zeppelin        Misty mountain hop
  7. Led Zeppelin        Kashmir
  8. Led Zeppelin        No Quarter
  9. Led Zeppelin        Trampled Underfoot
  10. Led Zeppelin        Thank you
  11. Reo Speedwagon    Roll with the changes
  12. Reo Speedwagon    Back on the road again
  13. Kansas                  Carry on my wayward son
  14. David Bowie          Space Oddity
  15. David Bowie           Fame
  16. Rolling Stones       Miss you
  17. Rolling Stones       Heartbreaker
  18. Rolling Stones       Bitch
  19. Rolling Stones       Cant always get what you want
  20. Rolling Stones       Honkey Tonk Woman
  21. Deep Purple          Highway Star
  22. Deep Purple          My woman from Tokyo
  23. Deep Purple          Space Trucking 
  24. Grand Funk           American Band
  25. Grand Funk          Foot Stomping music
  26. J Geils                     Must have got lost
  27. Alice Cooper           Schools out
  28. Alice Cooper           Under My wheels
  29. Cheap Trick            Dream Police
  30. Joe Cocker             Love is Alive
  31. The Babys              Midnight rendezvous
  32. The Babys              Headfirst
  33. CCR                        Fortunate son
  34. ACDC                      Long way to the top
  35. Bruce Springsteen Born to run
  36. Pink Floyd             (Medley)
  37. Peter Frampton     Do you feel like we do
  38. Argent                   Hold your head up
  39. Headeast               Never been any reason
  40. Golden Earing       Radar love
  41. Cream                    Whiteroom
  42. 707                         I could be good for you
  43. The Doors             Light my fire/Riders on the storm
  44. Elton John            Benny & the jets
  45. Elton John            Saturday nights alright for fighting
  46. Edgar Winter         Free ride
  47. Aerosmith             Sweet Emotion
  48. Mitch Ryder          Rock & Roll
  49. ELO                       Dont bring me down
  50. James Gang          Funk 49